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Tensioners Idlers & Dampers
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Tensioners, Idlers and Dampers

Tensioners, idlers and dampers work together to consistently synchronise your timing belt car parts for optimum efficiency.

Tensioners are spring-loaded rotating pulleys; these ensure that the timing belt doesn’t slacken. 

Idler pulleys guide the timing belt around ancillary features. 

Dampers, also known as shock absorbers, co-ordinate with the idlers to maintain the tension of the timing belt.


How do I know that my tensioners, idlers and dampers need to be replaced?

  • Your engine makes a whining noise and/or overheats.
  • Your engine warning light is illuminated.
  • Your tensioners or idlers are corroded.
  • Your tensioner arms are cracked or misaligned.
  • An idler is chipped in the belt tracking area.
  • Your dampers are oil-stained.


Why do my tensioners, idlers and dampers need to be replaced?

  • Your tensioners, idlers and dampers are excessively worn due to wear and tear and/or environmental factors.
  • Your tensioners have been incorrectly installed.
  • Your tensioner arms no longer have any resistance in their range of motion.
  • Your idler bearings have failed.


How do I replace my tensioners, idlers and dampers?

If your tensioners, idlers or dampers become worn or fail, you risk serious engine damage.  Ensure that these car parts are checked – and replaced – by a mechanical expert.

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